Hi. I'm Tom Sartain.

I'm a human living in New York.

I like computers. I try to make them like me back.

I like humans. I think every person has value, intelligence and good inside.

Everything that I know is because I figure anything can be done better.

Everything that I do is in an effort to make things better.

I've worked in front-end, back-end, data science, server management, and behind the scenes.

I've worked on search, recommendations, continuous integration, source control, tooling, RESTful architecture, authentication, and more.

I've used PHP, Python, Javascript, Go, Elasticsearch, MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, Graphite, and more.

I've worked with a video-sharing website, an idea management & innovation service, a consulting firm/product shop/idea incubator, and more.

My work has been used by audiences of millions, and audiences of one.

I don't make things pretty, I make them work.

I've got a resume, if you're interested.